A Living Loss The art of losing and finding yourself

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I have had the most remarkable heart-breaking, heart-warming, revealing, and often laugh-out-loud funny conversations with my wonderful guests. I’ve loved every second of them and I very much hope you will too.

Sometimes change arrives abruptly in our lives – upending our sense of identity and place in the world. This change, which can be triggered by breaking up with your partner, losing your job, moving country, or the end of a friendship – makes us grieve for our former existence – an experience I term a living loss.

In each episode of the podcast I call on my 30 years of experience as a grief counsellor to explore what my guests have learned - from the first loss they can remember to the one that changed everything - and ask them to share how they’ve adapted and eventually thrived through the profoundly personal experience of grieving, and growing from, their living loss.